Well. I was WRONG!   Looking for a OC Mopar Club besides  the WPC? -Well....I admit it when I'm wrong

 There IS  a Mopar Club already besides the WPC in the Orange County area- the MOPAR KNIGHTS

They are hard to find anywhere online, don't have a website and are pretty low key.
Met Rick and Larry, nice guys with a Roadrunner and a Coronet- also saw a cool Charger,another Coronet, and a CUDA plus other late 60's early 70's Roadrunner( most with Hemi's-how cool is that!) so maybe no room for another MOPAR CLUB?

Mostly late 60's and early 70's muscle cars with HEMI's! But is there room for another MOPAR CLUB in the OC???

Time will tell, but I think maybe some other guys like James( who found my blog and webite through a web search) have older MOPARS, like a 1948 Windsor and some other unusual , non muscle car type, Dodge's,Chyslers,Plymouths and such that might like to hang out other than with the more serious RACE CAR types- I happen to like muscle cars and late 60's MOPARS but also have a 1949 Lincoln and think all cars are cool.

I, for one , might like to join or associate with several clubs or groups just to keep it interesting-always open to swap ideas,part places and stories-

I have a thought to put a mini "FOR SALE OR TRADE" section on the  www.ocmoparclub.com web site for swapping/selling parts that would be listed for FREE-More on that next BLOG

New chiefs in town-check out video and slide show from a week ago

Might like to check out a good source for MOPAR news at
MOPAR Muscle.com

Don't forget the great local car show/hang out at Downtown Main Street in Garden Grove
every Friday night 4pm-8pm- All cars welcome
Mopar 101: What does Mopar mean?
  • June 10th, 2010 11:17 am PT
It is not a type of car so why are phrases such as "a club of Mopar enthusiasts","this car has Mopar parts and accessories" and "racing their Mopar at the track" heard? Here is the 101 on the term Mopar.

The word Mopar was first used as a term to describe OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from Chrysler Motor Parts which sold all the parts for any car owned by the Chrysler division. This would refer to Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Imperial and DeSoto. The word was used so much it became the new name of Chrysler Motor Parts.

That led to the term Mopar being used not only for the parts and accessories but anything to do with the Chrysler division. For example, a Jeep vehicle is a Mopar, a Dodge vehicle is a Mopar, a Chrysler vehicle is a Mopar.

Therefore a Mopar enthusiast is someone who loves anything that comes from the Chrysler family. Now when you hear the word Mopar you know it means a car or part that comes from the Chrysler division.

I found several clubs based in Torrance, LA or Inland Empire but nothing specific for MOPARS in Orange County
Interested in meeting once a month and exchanging ideas,pics, stories,tech stuff and the like-

Fill out the CONTACT page and we will ramp up the site and see where it takes us

Clint @ (714) 227-2541
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