Jason Kobeilsky
There are a lot of Dodge trucks and Chrysler cars ranging from the fifties to seventies at a Ecology Auto Parts in Rialto Ca. There is a 52 Pickup, 70s Pickup and a 77 Chrysler Newport sedan that has the "Blues Brothers" bodystyle it is in really good shape. Lots of parts. Soon they will be crushed so I wanted to give a heads up if anyone was looking for parts before they are gone forever.

I have had a growing concern about the number of classic cars being crushed by Auto Salvage/Recycling yards like Pick A Part, Pick Your Part, Ecology ,etc.. I live in Riverside Ca and I have been going to Pick a Part and there have been so many very rare cars that have been set out in the yard, and hardly any parts taken off of them before they are crushed. In the Pick A Part in Monrovia California there is a large area fenced in that is filled with some very rare cars. Everything from 50's Packards, Hudsons, Desotos, Edsels, Chevy's, 40 Chryslers, and many 60's cars, many old vintage trucks like, Studebaker, Jeep, etc, many would be considered collectible and most of all
If this is happening here than you know it's happening all over the U.S.

Pick A Part and others they buy “junk” cars and trucks They place them in the yard in a row of other cars where people can pick the parts off them. After three or four weeks the whole row is taken to the recycling yard where the cars are crushed. Whether the car is a thrashed 89 Honda Civic many of the parts have been taken off or a 55 Nash Ambasdor that hardly had any parts taken off of it. I know of a 50s Nash Ambasdor that still had its engine transmission, interior, enterior trim pieces, decals and next day I went there the whole row was taken to the Recycling area.
Collecters that have Packards, Studebakers, Hudsons, International Harvester pickups, etc dont have the benefit of a lot new reproduction parts. So there is a ever diminishing supply of parts, even more so than Ford, GM and Chrysler but there are getting fewer of those cars too.
This is happening all over the U.S. parts are going to get extremely scarce .Car collecters and their clubs need to be aware of this and ,if possible to help find a way to stop this, or at least if a lot people are made aware they can save some collector car from being destroyed. The more people who are made aware of this the greater chance that something can be done about this. If anyone has some ideas they like to share my email is 


6/3/2013 03:38:27 am

Using older parts is something not enough people are doing lately, many of the older parts were made a study quality and still will fit perfect in to many makes and models.


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