Mopar 101: What does Mopar mean?
  • June 10th, 2010 11:17 am PT
It is not a type of car so why are phrases such as "a club of Mopar enthusiasts","this car has Mopar parts and accessories" and "racing their Mopar at the track" heard? Here is the 101 on the term Mopar.

The word Mopar was first used as a term to describe OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from Chrysler Motor Parts which sold all the parts for any car owned by the Chrysler division. This would refer to Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Imperial and DeSoto. The word was used so much it became the new name of Chrysler Motor Parts.

That led to the term Mopar being used not only for the parts and accessories but anything to do with the Chrysler division. For example, a Jeep vehicle is a Mopar, a Dodge vehicle is a Mopar, a Chrysler vehicle is a Mopar.

Therefore a Mopar enthusiast is someone who loves anything that comes from the Chrysler family. Now when you hear the word Mopar you know it means a car or part that comes from the Chrysler division.

James Hawkins
1/16/2011 09:22:08 pm

Thought MOPAR stood for Motor Parts? Then it just kinda caught on in the 50's- that's what I heard

12/27/2020 05:11:22 pm

Good reading your ppost


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